Journal 10-9

6 Dec

During the movie Smoke Signals the relationship between Thomas and Victor changes quite a bit. Throughout their journey Victor starts to understand Thomas a little bit more and why he is like he is. Victor always hated Thomas because of his story telling, he found him annoying. As younger boys Victor always teased Thomas, even beat him up once. I think Victor starts to understand and respect him a little more towards the end of the film, I think he still finds him a little annoying at times, because of all the stories he tells about Victor’s family. Throughout their journey together they reach an understanding for one another. Victor learns to respect Thomas more, because he isn’t telling the stories to annoy Victor, just to inform him.  Their journey together begins when Victor’s father suddenly dies of a heart attack and Victor doesn’t have the money to go all the way to Phoenix. Thomas offers to give him the money if he brings Thomas along, but of course Victor at this point doesn’t like Thomas, so he is very hesitant on letting Thomas join. Along the way their and back Victor begins to respect and understand Thomas. Personally I don’t think Victor want s to be friends with Thomas, but he defiantly doesn’t hate him anymore. Victor and Thomas have something in common; they were both in a fire and saved by Arnold as babies. They are both “children born of flame and ash” as Thomas would put it. I just think Victor doesn’t like the fact that Thomas seems to know more about his father, than he does and frankly he doesn’t like it, because he hates that his father left him and his mother when he was a child. At believe their whole journey together has changed the way Victor looks at things, he no longer hates his father, and he no longer hates Thomas. 


Journal 9-6

17 Nov

I am responding to journal entry number six, I think Alexie kept the stereotype of the drunken Indian alive because he does want to hide it, plus its is sometimes humorous. I think Alexie wants his readers to truly understand how life was like on a reservation and he doesn’t want to tell lies or hide anything. He is basically letting us know that the stereotype of drunken Indians is true. He informed us of what it was like to live with all your family and friends drunk everyday and how it was to watch them all waste their lives away. He told all of his stories in different points of views and from different ages. He showed what it was like as a kid to watch your parents, to be adolescence, and to be an adult. In almost ever story there was someone who was drunk or getting drunk, I don’t think Alexie wanted to hide this part of his life from his readers. I also think he wanted the nook to be humorous not tense, the stories of drunken Indians was also very funny. I think he wanted to inform, but also do it in a humorous way.


Journal 8-3

5 Nov


The author of The Lone Ranger and Tanto Fist Fight in Heaven, Sherman Alexie, writes about living on the reservation, although he himself left the reservation for a better life. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. One would have to have high ambitions to leave the reservation and actually succeed, like Alexie.

One advantage of leaving the reservations is the chance to have a better life. Alexie does this by getting an education, transferring to a public school, and going on to college from there. One disadvantage would be having no money. On the reservation, Indians are not made of money; in fact have little money at all. It was very hard for Alexie to go to public school; he once almost had to quite because of the lack of money. Another advantage to leaving the reservation is being around people with ambitions like Alexie. For instant everyone on the reservation just wants to drink their life away, but getting off the reservation and being around people who don’t do that can affect your life in ways he might not have realized before. Another disadvantage is getting used to the chance, it would take a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed like Alexie did. Going from an all Indian school on the reservation, to a public American school would be a tough transition.

While there is some disadvantages to leaving the reservation I believe the advantages out weight the disadvantages. Alexie made a tough decision, but it all paid off in the end, he is a successful writer. He compared himself to an apple. Red on the outside and white on the inside meaning he was a Indian with white man ambitions.

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30 Oct

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